About us

Depending upon the tasks we either optimize the price or the quality of products or services. Totally independant from producers or suppliers we act consequent, autarkical and successful.


Why not maximize today the possibilities of enhancement with iPT right away?


It is iPT's expertise to use the enbetter possibilities and the special know-how to the advantage of better results as extended arm of your purchasing department.


iPT does not substitue your procurement - we are it's tool.


In most cases we optimize successfully. Results, references and our reputation speek for themselves.

Upon our transparent, neutral and value-free evaluations our clients decide independently with how they will cooperate in the future and with whom they will have cost reductions.


Even if there will not be a change of supplier - you always will benefit from our sevices. 


Not a short sighted grasshopers mentality is the base of iPT-success, but the mutual understanding between all parties. This is why we appreciate a longterm and good relationship between client and supplier. The rest of the succuss is our special know-how.

Because of the likelyhood of betterment we take a look at almost everything. Testing us therefore is at zero risk.